The Wild Boar Hunt….. Taking Some To Share

There have been a handful of people in my life that, with time and life, have slipped away from. Chris was one of those people that has and I regret this, but such is life..

Chris and I have done a lot of big things together, big game fishing, Elk, Boar, Deer hunting. Although he is a better salt water fishermen than me, I can slay 2-3 large mouth bass to his one. One year we made it to AAA fishing circuit and had two sponsors. 

We got up early in the morning, back then we had pagers, and he had paged me ready to go and head to our final destination.. South Carolina

We had taken some personal time off work, we worked at the same company, and we were known to hangout outside of work…

He had told me of a spot down there where his cousin had hunted a year before, and at the time it was a $800 Boar hunt and we paid for lodging and meals. We were promised each a hog to bring home… I packed the video camera and off we went…

I was so excited, and we were talking about the “what if’s” as young men do… Adding a lot of dreams in it and it created some very interesting conversations… We got there and we needed to attend a short two hour class to understand about hunting Boar and working with dogs… Next day we go on the hunt….

Drawing straws, he got to hunt first and kill the first hog while I filmed it…. Within 15 minutes the dogs had a hog chased under a downed tree… The guide told Chris he could jump on top to scare the hog out, and made him aware of our locations and shoot only when he was sure.. So he climbs up does a couple of bounces on the trunk, and out came the hog..

To me, filming it, it was like I was watching it and not thinking about that thing headed my direction… But so it came, and it was so fast, by the time I realized what was going on, the Boar plowed right into me and knocked my on my arse… Camera went rolling and all…. I jumped up knowing that the day before Boars have been known to charge at people… I got up, scared, grabbed the camera to keep filming… Chris didn’t kill that hog, but he spent years telling the story on how I got attacked by a Wild Boar….

We both did, in the end get hog meat to bring home…. 

What do you think?

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