Bartering…. Getting Clever For Wintertime

Dotted all over the countryside are little known wintertime hot spots that you can barter for wintertime space for your own gain. You can exchange labor for a 4×4 space or you could barter for a larger space.

Privately owned greenhouse owners are always eager to let one or two people hang out and have a space of their own with some fair labor exchanges. They will want to supply you your soil in which to grow your yummy food in, and with a little understanding will help you understand how greenhouses work. 

I have bartered my way into a local Greenhouse this year and have been given a 4×8 foot space this winter.

What should I grow?


  1. greens such as chard, spinach, they are yummy in salads and soups through cold days

  2. cucumbers, greens, leeks…everything, lol!

What do you think?