The Great Disconnect…. The Propaganda Lie

I understand that posting and promoting ideas lead people to follow me in many ways. It is also a powerful tool and comes with rules on how to direct people and share with them, in my case it is about living a more self sufficient life at the level you want to.

Perhaps I am taking this more serous than I should? A man saved $300.00 dollars his first month dehydrating. He started using the food right away and stretched it out over a few months, while buying everything on sale at the peak freshness time he could get it at. With a few directions, my sound advice buy only what you will like and eat, and pick up Mary Bells book found in my recommended reads section. Tweek the recipes that fit your taste buds after you make it her way. He continues his approach and now is putting soups and casseroles up in Mason Jars for long term storage, easy one step meals, and for gifts.

There is a woman living in Houston that took clothes back and bought a dehydrator, started doing some of my recipes, and for the first time in 20 years slept the whole night without wakening up. Her sleep patterns have come back, as stress from feeling helpless herself went away and she found freedom. As she followed some of my recipes, her children liked the food so much that they jumped in and now it is a family event.

Another community member was brought back out of a long term depression when I inspired her to start gardening again this year. As she dug her garden, she had a sense that her lost loved one was there with her encouraging her to move forward with her life.

A second story row house owner in Baltimore Maryland, took her second story balcony that is 3×6 and has turned it into a urban garden. She produced enough tomatoes to can herself seven pints of stewed tomatoes. We know that seven pints isn’t going to sustain her very long, but she mastered two skills. Now she has decided to sell her place and looking for a small house with a little bit of land.

Each one of these people have been disconnected, and through me, connected back to who they are. If I only helped these people I have done my job. This is about eating real food, getting close to your food source. Being independent with your own food and understanding how that food needs to be processed. 

People are miles away from their food today, I don’t blame the people. I would be a fool to think like that, instead I blame the Government, big food, pharmaceutical, and advertising companies for their role.

Products that feature a family pulls at our idea of wholesome, close focused and caring. Words like Farm Fresh relate to the quality as if it were grown on a wholesome farm. Some people think meat is grown in soil, or it is all a product of the store or man made. Stop laughing at me, I am serous people really do think like this. They are so disconnected from their food that they are completely clueless.

I still use open sites as well as a scope, and I get up close and personal with my wild game food. I raise chickens and process them for food. They taste totally different than what you buy and eat. They are also a different breed other than “broilers”. I have three coops, one is a retirement home, one is a laying coop, the last is for chickens that will be eaten for food.

All those pictures and photos of factory farmed food being from a healthy family owned farm are completely misleading. The pictures on packages, wording and commercials paint a obscure picture of how healthy their food is. In fact the very food you eat is sustaining you in the short term while adding pounds of chemicals into your body. In some cases the food you buy is “food like” and I can physically prove that to you. Buy Heirloom tomato seeds, grow a plant in a pot, harvest that fruit, and side by side do your own taste test with a store bought tomato.

Veggies that you eat look perfect and are HUGE due to GMO science, and your body is paying for it, look at how fat we are, look at how many products have corn syrup in them. Why is Juice called juice when it has only 3% concentrated juice? Why are people getting sicker, and for 2000 plus years we didn’t have all these problems? What does real corn taste like?

I am not buying what their selling, and at some point I had to say no way, I have had enough. Today I ate a tomato that was organic seed and grown the same. My mind was happy, happy, happy…


  1. I’m no longer sure how I started receiving your posts on FB, but I love them. They keep me inspired. I live in a condo with limited outdoor space, but my son-in-law built me two lovely planters (2′ x 5′ ea.) which I call the “North Forty.”
    I suffer from major depressive disorder, but tending my small garden for the last 3 yrs. has put the joy back in my life!
    Being on Soc. Sec. I can’t afford to do everything I’d like to do — buy a dehydrator, buy large quantities of produce when it’s in season, etc. — but I do what I can. I’m finally going to attempt canning this year when I get enough ripe tomatoes to do so. Dehydrating would be so much easier, but I remember how delicious my mom’s canned tomatoes were! Last year I tried Bread and Butter Pickles as my first canning effort since they’re so easy. I kept them refrigerated and they were used quickly! I plan on doing more of them this summer and bought a nice hot water bath pot.
    Keep on posting!

  2. I believe that a big part of the problem in this country is that Americans have made their lives so busy that they use processed food to “buy time” so to speak. Slow food, which is healthier, purchased locally takes longer. Everyone would benefit from slowing down and making connecting with the Earth a larger portion of their life.

  3. This is a great post, Jason, and I’m so glad you have so many followers that you can positively affect so many folks. Keep up the great work! BTW, did you change your blog home? Weren’t you on WordPress? If so, did you change for a reason, and can you share? I hope with my blog and web series I can connect with as many folks as you are. I’m going for the people that are just starting growing food, or thinking about it, as I live in the city, and can’t do what you can do, but I will do what I can to promote food security. You are in PA. They are trying to cover that state with fracking wells. Are you actively fighting this issue? Thanks! – Kaye

    • Kaye, I did not change from Word Press, I did close my Journal on another site this past spring. The reason I closed it was because I could not make any money at all there. They do not allow people other than them to make money. I own two businesses, so I am not trying to make a living here or on FB. Rather I am trying to fund my projects to teach people. You can live in the city and do what I do, not everything, but some. I am currently blogging about this subject. If you click the link that says “as seen on utube” you will see a video of my active protest against fracking. The State is dumb as most of the gas comes from the fracked wells in the first two years, yet they have given the gas companies a 3 year tax break…. It is awful, as we continue to destroy the earth at a alarming rate.

  4. So true! I also learned the 4 didget coding on store bought vegies & fruit. If it starts with a 4 it “supposed” to be organic. 8’s are gmo. I would rather just eat what we grow and dowith out store bought! Great post

    • Katidids, I did not know this! I’m going to check it out! – Kaye

    • 4 represents conventionally grown food, meaning pesticides can and probably have been used.
      8 represent GMO foods
      9 represents organically grown food. BUT there is a problem with this system. It is totally voluntary and so far our government doesnt require produce to be labeled in anyway so there are many fruits and vegetables in the stores that have no labeling at all. You best bet is to buy only certified organic produce that is labeled as such.

  5. What you say is so true, Jason. Being a dialysis patient, I have to carefully regulate what I eat. Since I do have some kidney function (just not enough), it has come down to my eating, not so much what I eat. But, what I eat matters to me. Raised on a farm, where only salt, flour, and sugar were purchased off the farm, I know the taste of real food. Thankfully, we have the ability to buy local beef, pork, and chicken, all grass and corn feed, right from my area. It’s worth the trip and the price. All of this boils down to my being able to get my dialysis time reduced, which is a very rare occurance. Please, keep promoting our wholesome and healthy lifestyle. It’s the way we were meant to live to begin with. Thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Kat, I was happy to read your post and I wanted to encourage you to continue to eat well. I pray that the food you buy will allow you to reduce your time on dialysis. I am positive that if you keep eating better, you will recover some. Jason

    • Many thanks, Jason! I am extremely happy to say that I knocked my numbers on my monthly report ‘out of the ball park’! I’ve been doing things right for long enough now, that it’s second nature. Your kind words are music to my ears.


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    The Great Disconnect…. The Propaganda Lie – Modern Pioneer

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