So Your New To This and Your Looking Where To Begin?

Like Peddlers peddling all sorts of Elixirs for everything that is wrong with you, so are people blogging and giving the information they know or think to believe to be true.

Recently a community member said you didn’t need to buy books, everything was on the internet for free.. So than I posted a photo of a home library with a quote from Cicero “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” I know there is a lot of bogus material out there, I know there is a lot of people not evening do what I am doing and sitting in their home just posting and not living the life they suggest they are living.

Here is the deal, I am a real person, with real idea’s, that is living and sharing how to be more self sufficient as I desire to be. I am not going to tell you what level to live it on or where you need to be, that is up to you. If you just grow a tomato plant and that makes you happy, right on. If your sitting up in the middle of Canada’s back country, off grid, in a Yurt  and your living your life they way you want, right on. My goal isn’t to push any one more into being SS (self sufficient), my goal is to show you how you can do it if you want.

So am I going to do things wrong sometimes? Yes, although I strive to end my task to be fruitful and moving forward with my SS living, I make mistakes. When I make them, I admit that I made a mistake and try to move forward with a solution or take it as a lesson not to do what I did. Do you remember the anti-chicken rat traps I made? That was a flop and a costly mistake. Problem was I didn’t think like a rat and so I solved the problem another way and now my coop is rat free.

So, what advice do I have for you on your first step? Decide to do it or not. If you decide to take it on (any level), remember a few things. Your going to have to get dirty and do some work. Your going to have to read, and a lot of it. Your going to have to understand, and not be afraid of failing, face it your going to make mistakes. The amount of tears that have made mud puddles in front of my knees are uncountable. You just have to roll with it and make your way through it. Remember what I said a few years ago? Making a mistake means that at least your trying to do something to change the out come of how your living your life right now.

Now make a plan and write it down, Danielle has a list that says “make a list for this” no kidding, but look write it down and hang it somewhere and look at it for a couple days.
1. What is your end goal?
2. At what level do you want to live SS
3. Are you willing to make small investments and gather materials from where ever to make stuff?
4. Are you willing to ignore the silly comments your family/friends might make?
5. Why do you want to change?
6. Can you see yourself working hard earning your way through hard work?
7. At what level are you willing to give things of comfort up, in exchange for less but more rewarding?

When you read these over and over, hang them by the can if you want, talk to yourself about them.

If you asked me some years ago about my proudest moment, and I have owned land and property before. But what I was most proud of, I would have told you it was buying my land. Today that question has a very different answer. Today I am proud of yesterday because I made a choice and I decided to stick with it through injures, tears, sweat, failures, property disputes, risk, and accomplishment. My land has shaped me as much as I have shaped it. It has given back to me what I have given to it.

When you step forward, I will suggest a book for you to start from. Why? Time tested methods of doing the task the way they explain it. It will teach you many different aspects of living more SS. Once you thumb through it a few times, start writing down some things you want to change, now you can begin.



  1. I’m a neighbor to the woman that lives off grid in rural Canada, in a yurt. I’ve been living the ss lifestyle for 30 years and raised 3 children this way. Its the best lifestyle for kids. And I blog, too. Still plugged into the grid though. And looking at a way to unplug besides going it in the dark. Any suggestions on a good starting place for microhydro? An expert said our water would give us 300 watts an hour, but that information is lost on me, as I have nothing to hook it on. I’d love a book recommendation or a website if you have one.

    I’ve been following you on Facebook, but I had no idea you were in Canada, too. Makes me happy to know that. This is my first visit to your blog. Glad to have finally found it.
    Chris from Joybilee Farm

    • Hey Chris, I am south in Western PA, hour or so north of Pittsburgh. That is good to hear that your out there too. I like that near you, her and her hubby doing their thing. Like minded folks get this, and after 3 tours of combat, dysfunctional family issues, the hassles of city living, and the love for what defined me as a person. Country living at it’s finest, my way…

      I started with taking what skills I remembered I could use, and started to read.. Our knowledge isn’t being passed down by the majority, hence the reason I had a lot of catch up to do. I learn and make mistakes often.

      God has forgiven me for my sins, and one day he will take me, and when he does, I will be sad to leave my loved ones behind, but I will see them again. However I will die with few regrets, as I have lived my life with God, and in a way the he intended for all of us. My animals are loved, even the ones we eat… I love taking care of myself…

      That my friend is a question this way over my head….

      Good to meet you, be kind to each other up there… Jason

  2. PS: as for the grid: I love my electricity and modcons while they last, but we have lived without and know how.

  3. Nice post. I am not so much proud, as grateful. We had the chance to buy land when it was still affordable.Forty years later we are far from self sufficient, but I have enjoyed every moment on this wonderful place. I have lived life here because I love it, not out of fear of collapse.

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