Report: Mushroom Log Project

With the drought in full swing, I have had other worries on my mind other than my mushroom log tower. In the spring as it came in, if that’s what you want to call it, I checked my logs after every rain. Time and time again I left thinking maybe soon.

As it sat on my mind from time to time, I became discouraged. I spent about $32 dollars and made a lot of effort to complete this project. I don’t like wasting time or energy let alone money out of my self sufficient fund. Mark, would remind me to check my logs after he found some on his… It was a constant reminder that I had failed that project. My research, when I did the project had slipped my mind this past spring or the negative just masked it.

So I went to the farmers market and a man was there with a table full of Shiitake mushrooms, we began to talk and we covered the same conversation Mark and I had the day before. Then I decided to take what I had learned, what Mark and I talked about as well as the man at the Farmers Market and put it into action.

So Saturday, Joshua and I took the logs to the pond, lashed them together, and plunged them into the pond. Sunday, after church, we took them back out after a 24 hour soak. At first they just seemed water logged, so we continued to stack them up and I would return Monday to check them out.

Monday came and I forgot to check on them, so yesterday I went up and checked on them again. Oh, I had hoped that they would show signs of mushrooms growing, but I didn’t want to lift my spirits to high so when I was disappointed I wouldn’t have far to fall back. Life does that to us from time to time doesn’t it?

So as approached the pile I saw something, a small round light brown looking thing… I had a closer look… Well, what do you know it WAS a mushroom. I quickly looked all the logs over… and they were EVERYWHERE!! I was so excited, I started to count them, then I saw two growing from one hole, I thought ” hmmm reminds me of a double yolk egg… cool “. A brief few photo’s, and off  I went to the house to make an announcement. I did and everyone was like “good for you”, Jessica said “gross, I hate mushrooms”, Josh walked out to have a look!!!

So here it is Wednesday, and here is a few photo’s of my rewards…. But first, I gotta say this…. YES another self sufficient skill done!!! Off the SS BUCKET LIST!!


  1. Have always wanted to do this one day. You make it very understandable in your how to. Thanks for the info.

  2. Love me some mushrooms!

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