The Blah, Blah, Blah’s and the Rewards

Some days seem to be harder than most days here on the homestead with life, work, family and putting up your own food. Some days, there isn’t enough hours in a day to get completed what you tend to get done knowing you have many different ways to get all the stuff done and done right.
The other day I did many task in just one day, I canned, gathered, weeded, braided, fixed stuff, did one new project to completion, cooked and helped others. At the end of the day I was sore and tired, and just thought if I would just buy all my food than I could half everything I have to do. See how easy it is to get distracted from what takes so much effort to do in the first place?
Danielle, my wife, under a blogging crisis’s, reminded me of the efforts it takes to not only do what we do, but also the amount of time we use to get this out to our fans/friends. We have a family and we stay focused on that during the evenings. At night, when we used to mindlessly watch TV, that time is now filled with blogging and sharing what our interest are and lifestyle choice. I also plan the next days events if not planned already as well as read more information on living off the land and its many different aspects.
It’s because of what I do, the reasons why I do it, and helping others to live, grow, gather, hunt, and live a self sufficient life. I would have nothing to blog or show you if I didn’t live this way. It doesn’t consume my life, that is unhealthy, but it’s important to me the food I grow and so forth. It’s that fact the food I eat, I grow, and I know how it was grown. It’s the independence I feel as a human upon the earth, I think I owe it to the world, earth and my fellow man to do something on my own and not depend on others as much. 
The Rewards
Do you remember what happened a few years ago when I opened my own freezer? If not, let me share. I went down to get something out, and when I opened my freezer, everything in there I grew, gathered, hunted, processed, and bartered for. I turned to Danielle ( she was down there folding clothes ) and said ” look everything in here I did myself, woohoo ” she didn’t share the same level of excitement as me, but she said “good”. That is her way of saying “good job”. So what did I do? Ran and got the camera, piled a bunch of stuff in the freezer, snapped a photo to share with all my friends online. I should have pulled more veggies out, but here is a look inside my freezer that winter afternoon.
The second reward, and there are many, but I feel in my soul/heart a sense of responsible accomplishment. I don’t know if those words belong together, but the feelings sure do. I feel like ” I am doing something positive and its good for everything “, 

So when you feel low on energy and bummed out, take a nice cool/warm shower and remember all the good things that you do. Remember, if each of us do a little something for ourselves, we together make a huge difference in the world.


  1. I agree totally. I also have a blog if you would ever like to read it.

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