How To Process More Tomatoes and Make Seedless/Semi-Seedless Jams

I am ready to still continue making my own food if power is lost for long periods of time. I know how and have the proper equipment to manually prepare my own food for long term storage. But for now, I have power and I have lots of fruits and produce to get through.

Using technology to help you sustain a self sufficient life isn’t a bad thing, and because you use it to help you doesn’t mean that your not doing it right. Sure, some people might say “well that isn’t the way it was done/you can do it a more primitive way” and most of the time their right. But you know what? We are modern pioneers, not pioneers without the tools available to us to use.

Go back 100 years with a chainsaw and ask a Lumberjack yielding misery whip to fall a Redwood in Oregon, if he would like to try your chainsaw. After he uses your chainsaw, you would have to shoot the guy to get it out of his hands. Maybe it is just me or perhaps you think like I do, it is just common sense to use what you can to help you. I got a Kitchenaid stand mixer some years ago, the the fancy high end one. I had picked it up for a few hundred bucks. I started to use it to make bread dough and mix other things when I could.

One day I went into the store going to check out the attachments that I could use to make more use of mine. So there it was, the one thing I needed the most… The Kitchenaid strainer attachment… My mind started racing like the dad did when he opened the box and saw the leg lamp in the movie Christmas Story… It was amazing to see it there, and it drew me in and I didn’t care about the cost. I was drawn in by all the uses and how much time it was going to save me… so I bought it…

I got it home and started to make jam the following morning, Raspberry to be exact… It was too easy… The berries went in, filled the hopper, pressed down with the tool, juice and pulp drained down and the seeds and other stuff came out the end. That was it, that easy…DONE!

 A bright light appeared in my kitchen that day, it was the time saving idea light… I had finally found the one item that would save me THOUSANDS of HOURS of intensive labor to process berries and tomatoes. I can do a bushel of tomatoes in under an hour, that is from washing, cutting and processing them for canning. Now that I have this, I use the time I save and my shoulder for other projects that need attention.

I don’t know about you, but some jam like Blackberry/Raspberry can have way too many seeds for my liking, but at the same time they don’t feel like homemade jam to if there isn’t some seeds in it. So I dump one big tablespoon back in each batch I do.

Trust me when I say ” don’t let the price fool you, it’s well worth the investment “. If by chance you don’t have a Kitchenaid mixer yet, get one!!! I love mine!!


  1. Just don’t ever do grapes in it. I tried that last fall. The seeds get stuck and it will break. I was so sad!
    I did love it for applesauce and I can’t wait to get started on more applesauce this fall.
    ~Diana at

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