Rats, Now That Wasn’t A Self Sufficient Idea, But Why?

There are times when I get an idea in my head and for what ever reason, I know I should but I don’t want to stop. So I came out of pockets on this project, the scrap money paid for this one, and I have in the end. I compare it with a male addiction to beat his chest and say I prototyped that but didn’t get the patent or something. When it comes to hand tools and a new idea, well I get sucked in pretty quick. I admit I went way out on this one folks.

I live this SS life by the rules and I want to keep it out right honest and as raw as it can be. I know I wish I did everything right, but I know that I would just get big headed and all macho and be blinded by feeling that way. Sure, I do this for myself, but I also have a responsibility to you. Its ok if I fall short, I am human. I know many of you are living vicariously through me, some may sit back and read, and already know I am failing. But at the end of the day my goal is to learn and teach you the things we just don’t know. 

So the rats have moved in, and now minus 79.00 for the water warmer for the chickens, it is game on punks. I don’t hate rats, I am sure fried on a stick or bbq’ed they are good for something, but not in these parts. So I am not a poison person, and you know wasting time with a BB gun when I have better things to do like my honey do list ( or some other SS duty heehee) I had to turn to a clever way to gettem out of there. Naw, my cat is small, and she is a chipmunk liver eating fool.  So I turn to myself and say in my mind ( dude you got this ) than I get lost with blinders on and here we go for the ride… HANG ON!

I started out with 8″ duct pipe and 3 caps to make two rat traps to put in my chicken coop. I used the trap and measured it to 16 inches which seemed like a perfect size.

So every 8 inches I placed a pop rivet in the seem to keep it together

I laid it out and used electrical tape to make a guide around the pipe to use a metal cut off wheel.


Laid out the center line

Added then to the cans after I closed off one end

Now we have some closed in rat traps cans that can be re-used for years to come

For the handle, I used some electrical wire I had. I drill two holes and bent them over

So now I am sure I could have made this lots of different things, like two coffee cans tapped together with a hole cut out one end. I am sure I will get all kinds of feedback on this tanked idea. But this how we learn.

I wish I could report this was a great idea, it is, but my approach was not right, I wish I thought it thru a little longer instead of grabbing the bull by the horns.

What do you think?

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