Keep’em Coming, I’ll Just Find New Ways To Make’em Into Food

Well if the heat wave didn’t destroy your garden, there is a good chance yours’ is producing like mine is. I took a poll to find out what some folks are sick of harvesting, the number answer right now is tomatoes.

Everyone has expectations of corn, but if your like me, I plant more of the useful stuff just in case something goes south. Well when it doesn’t go south, what do you do? Start pulling your hair, take it over to more needy folks, give it away to anyone who wants it, pawn it off on co-workers or set it out with a FREE sign at the end of your driveway. Stop for a second and lets talk about canning.

I decided to expand my mind while expanding my pantry and shrinking my food bill. So I have put up GALLONS of pasta sauce, salsa, chili, and ketchup. Stewed maters and mater juice is next. By looks of all the green maters, were going to be here a while and run out of canning jars if I don’t do something.

Green maters, pickled with onions, jalapenos, and sweet red peppers… Green mater chutney, yummy.. 

So what else can I can with maters????????  Do you have an off the wall, wonderful, delicious canning recipe for me to try?


  1. I made bacon tomato “jam”, which is a smokey meat-based kethcup more than anything else. Used this recipe for the jam
    and added home made tomato sauce in a 3 parts tomato to one part bacon jam ratio and pressure canned the result. I substituted three rehydrated, seeded and pureed pasillas peppers for the tobasco.

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