How To Make And Grow Your Own Mushroom Logs, More Self Sufficient Ideas

I know many of you have been waiting for me to complete this video this spring. So it is now completed, and I also want to share a good reliable source for you to purchase your spores from.

This self sufficient task was so easy to do and gives years of rewards. If your in need of getting your hands on some white oak logs, be sure to ask your friends that own land, or find a saw mill near by. A logging company would be happy to sell you or give you some branches from a white oak tree they have harvested for wood. People really get interested when you start to explain to them what your doing with the logs.

Remember to place the log in a shaded area, where there isn’t a lot of wind. If you need to build a wind break, do so. Also remember to place your logs just above the ground on some other logs or an old pallet.

If you start this spring, you will get a few in the fall, but expect full production to start next spring.

If you don’t have the means to get your hands on the wood, but you want to try it out on the cheap. Try purchasing one of these, for the cost of this single purchase, it will pay for itself the first time it grows Mushrooms for you. Just follow the simple instructions included and you will be little more self sufficient. Its a real fun project to share with others..


  1. Hi

    My husband and I just found your blog and we are enjoying all the wonderful tips you are sharing. We are also learning a lot about living off the land, even though we don’t have acreage, we enjoy doing a lot of things that you talk about.

    We would like to know if growing mushrooms, as you describe, requires white oak logs, or if any type of wood log would do?

    Thanks for helping out and I will check back to see if you answered my question.


    • Elizabeth, Shiitake means “Oak Mushroom” in Japanese and so yes it has to be a type of oak, but white oak works the best and gives the best flavored mushrooms.

      I don’t own a lot of land, less than 5 hillside acres, like you I am finding ways to use what I have. Having a mushroom log doesn’t take up much space and can produce yummy treats for years to come.

      Let me work on putting a few links into my blog for you to review some products.

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