Seeds Are Selling Out Early This Year, Better Get Yours Today!

Did you ever think that seed sources would be running out of seeds?

I have always thought. What if this was the year that the chit hit the fan? So like always, I bought my seeds early this year. However, there are a couple GMO seeds I was interested in and tried to order them to find out they are sold out for the year already?

Sold Out Seeds

Since my last order of 34,500k seeds this year, that price has risen by $10.00 in less than a month. If you think the cost is going to go down, don’t hold your breath.

The world population will rise to over 7 billion this year, and food prices will triple in the next ten years. If you shop at the store, I do shop for sale items that I can’t grow myself, you have seen prices this year alone rise by 6% and the quantity is being reduced by manufacturers without raising the prices to high.

Am I suggesting a panic here? No, I am suggesting that you invest in understanding how to keep your own seeds. This simple book will help you understand how to manage your seed keeping. I do keep many of my own seeds from year to year, and allow some plants to die out to collect seeds. If your not sure how to process and store your own seeds, this is the book for you. After you read the book, understand the knowledge, you can sell the book for a few dollars less than you bought it for. That is being self sufficient!

Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners


  1. I posted that as an example, one that I could find quickly. If you follow my second link, or search my blog for NON-GMO seeds, you will find that I did purchase those seeds (non gmo) to add to my personal collection of seeds.
    If you search my blog and facebook pages, you will see/learn how organic I grow my food.
    Don’t be to perplexed so soon, stick around and get to know me, or dig around and learn how I have changed my own food that I put on the table. Thanks, Jason

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  3. You WANT GMO seeds? Why?

    I realize that there is a shortage of seeds, and we also ordered early.

    But I’m still perplexed by your desire for GMO seeds. Especially with Food, Inc in the sidebar.

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