Potato Basket, The Hows And The Dos, Grow-Up Not Down

If you have been a visitor of my youtube videos, than you will know that I did a potato basket video year before last. The original one had over 41k hits, featured on several gardening shows as well. Although my video presents and how to is corning, I am getting better.

The idea was taught to me by my Mother back in the 1970s, I still use the process today. Its a great space saver, interesting, and a neat conversation piece. I rememer Mom used 2 types of potatos back in the day. With the internet and seed trading programs, I plant several types. The video explains how to do it, but I accidentally left out some information that I will cover in a new video to be done very soon.

I use only indeterminate types of potatoes because they keep blooming all summer long and keep producing in the basket. Determinate blooms once and like tomatoes produce the fruit after that. Planting indeterminate in any containers is the way to go for this method. You can, like I do, use any potato seed in the baskets you want, but I wanted to be sure you understood the types that work the best.


  1. Great!! I look forward to seeing those pictures!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am useing this method this year for the first time. I think it is a space saver as well. Hope to post pictures on FB this weekend of my baskets.


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