Arm Yourself With A Good Book, Get The Secrets And The Tips With More Useful Stuff

Thinking about this adventure of mine, and quite frankly it started in me in 1984. It started when the sun lite that part of the world so I could see what was in it. I had been forced to move and live in the city when I was 14 y/o. We had lost the farm, and just a few days before watched as the bank man stapled a sign to the front door. I wish I could explain how much sorrow I felt the day I look outside that third story window.

Don’t get me wrong here, understand that I like you even if you live in the city. My point here is reference to the only way of life I had known prior to the city. As I peered through the window, I saw apartments around me, big shipyard cranes, and noise everywhere.

Once I moved here to my homestead, the first time I could see the stars again, it was beautiful. As walked my new property in the first few weeks, I started to plan. I spent the first year cleaning up what the previous owners had left. I guess the free rough sawed oak planks was payment for all the clean up that needed to get this place in some order.

That winter, I talked to my family about my new adventure and this book was suggested to me. I bought several books, but one would become my homesteading bible.

Country Wisdom and Know How
Country Wisdom & Know-How

It is filled with useful information, its cost effective (cheap) and so many tips and tricks I could post 800 different post on the ins and outs of ideas. It also sets the platform for you to grow your own ideas. For years I have seen this book for less than $15, it is well worth that price in crafting ideas alone. It has plans for cold storage, root cellars, smoking meats, hunting, fishing, building plans and much more than I am listing here.

Well lets look at my copy, and see how much you think it is used?

Its not this worn out from lack of knowledge, I still brought with me many skills taught to me as a child. Not only did it teach me new things, but it also set straight methods I knew how to do, but needed to fill in the gaps.

I have bought copies for friends, my parents, and even other seasoned homesteaders.

Perhaps I am preaching to the choir on this one, but I know if your reading this, following my blog, than you take great pride on developing new ideas to live a more organic, healthy, self sufficient life. I am pointing at you now saying to you, follow my link and buy the book.

Opening a conversation post on facebook on this book as well…

What do you think?

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