The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 3 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

John and I agreed to meet that day so he could give me a tour of the different working stations of the Mill. I was excited to go further into the Mill than just the place where I get my own feed at. The large engine outside was running, hulls fly through the air in town is always a sure sign that John is working with grain at the Mill. Its very little, but as you drive you can see them in the air. The single engine runs a shaft, and the different parts of the Mill are clutched in to drive that work station.

The following stations can all work together or not run while some others are. Items such as horse feed can be made in a 2 ton mixer.

Bird Seed is also mixed, and John makes different types of bird seed depending on which season it is, or which birds are most common. He admitted he can make 15 different types of bird food, but prefers to make only 5 different types. But if you buy 250 pounds of seed he will mix a batch for you.

Now its time for some pictures of the Mill and all her gears, spinning/humming. Inside are square tubes call elevators which move the grains from one operation to another until the end product is made. Buckwheat makes this trip up and down the three story building six times before its separated and the fine flour has been sifted and dropped in the bagging location.

But if you don’t need hundreds of pounds of flour made, and want to make your own, and own a kitchen aid, this one is for you.
KitchenAid KGM Stand-Mixer Grain-Mill Attachment
This one, if you want to make your own by hand, I have this one too!!
Victorio VKP1012 Hand Operated Grain Mill
My friend has this one, and he uses it for all sorts, he loves it.
Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain / Flour Mill by Wondermill
This unit is a bit cheaper, but isn’t as well made judging by the looks of it.
Norpro Grain Grinder

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