The Bloopers On Making Syrup!!! No Liquid In Your Mouth Warning

Well, there is nothing funnier then getting together with friends and have a couple drinks and do a self sufficient video on making maple syrup. I also am going to release, ” Sugar Shanty Trash Talking” what a whoot!! 
I am going to set this video up for you… You know how we all say things like ” WELL WHEN I WAS A KID, THE BUS DIDN’T PULL IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, I HAD TO WALK 1.9 MILES IN STORMS JUST TO GET A RIDE TO GET AN EDUCATION”

No really, I did have to walk that far to the bus stop… Ask the wife we measured it..

Anyway we were talking, telling stories about these types of things, and Tommy Jr. after trying Toms Yolk carrying idea…..

So anyway, he thought he would cheer Tom up by saying something about all the years they had done this together. Raw and uncut, I present to you his presentation/skit

What do you think?

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