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So my blog has been available quite sometime now for people to down load and read on their Kindles. I have noticed that the readers for my blog that read it on their kindles pay a small fee of $2 a month to have it at their finger tips. That is a compliment to me, and I just popped in to say thanks to them. I know that I had some period that I stopped writing, but that was because I wasn’t doing anything to write about. With some positive changes in my life after my parents deaths, I am back on track ready to go. Many kindle readers are done with dead tree books forever. Kindles are very green in many ways as well.

I can imagine as I sit here in my farmer built rancher, you are sat in a window space in your log cabin reading my blog and about my own self sufficiency. Whether the day light is cloudy or the suns shining Kindles can be easily read in most any light. So with your self made woollies on, warm cup of tea/coffee, your own quilt at hand you sit to read on the latest of tricks up my sleeves.

Perhaps not, perhaps you live in a shanty shack in the woods, and bought a kindle to save money on buying books. Perhaps you got it as a gift, and decided to use your kindle as a means to learn to survive these times. Perhaps your in a remote location without power, and left all the real world behind. Your not worried to much because you have a 3G model or when you cruise through town you pull over to hook up on some ones wi-fi. Perhaps you live in the city, and have a kindle because you enjoy having a library at your finger tips. With well over 800k books ready to down load at places like amazon, google books, and project guttenberg.

Either way, I am glad your with me and I hope along the way I can teach you, or you can teach me something about how to live a better life, the way we like to.

Also, how about a new solar power Kindle charger for less than $20? How great is that?
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What may interest my readers is the different topics folks come here and search for, you know what is it that people that don’t read my blog when I post, those that come here searching for something? Well, I am about to share with my readers a few popular topics.

One topic, root cellars, seems to be off the charts on my blog. Even the term self made root cellar is up there. The second most popular is making a living while being self sufficient, that is interesting…. Food pantry comes in at a sliding third along with homemade bread and pantry.

I will need to write more articles about these topics in the future.

What do you think?

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