Everyone, Everything Has A Beginning, My Start On Video, Encouragement

Stashed somewhere in pixel form are some photos of when I bought the place and what it looked like. But those are where ever they are, and if I had time, I’d post them.

I want start out by saying, if your taking the plunge and starting a garden, a self sufficient project, started hunting, fishing, gathering, or decided you just want the best for you and your family. Feel not alone my friend, I have been there. In the beginning, I started with basics, clearing land, removing stumps, boulders, removing brush and a lot of cleaning up.

Soon it became an addiction, reading one thing and how to do it, so many opinions and ways to approach it. It wasn’t long before I became confused, and then the frustration started… What I needed to do is take on one perspective, one project, understand what I was doing and needed to do.

So let me assist you a little further than just my blog. This is the first tool you need to understand a whole bunch of stuff. This book was kept with me in a trash bag outside, everywhere in the house, I read it or the information that I needed at the time over and over.

This was my self sufficient bible, and still is as a reference. I have not been hired to promote this book at all, and speak of it only as the best tool/investment I made to help me understand the life style I wanted to live and how to do it.

This book covers from medical herbs, plant identification, sewing, arts and crafts, how to garden, soil prep, root cellar, and the list just keeps going on and on. Though mine has seen better days, its still together and one of my favorite reads.

It also has soap making, and other neat ways to make things to sell and make money. With so many on-line selling sites, or your own website, like mine, you can have financial independence if you want to.

I decided to share with you the second year of my adventure caught on video tape. Keep in mind, you have tons of work ahead of you, but don’t let that define you, you take it by the horns and define it yourself. Trust me when I say that, soon a time will come in your life change that you will be so proud of all the hard work your doing. I still remember that day when I looked into the freezer and everything in it was grown, gathered, hunted, and put up by me. It was a milestone I will never forget….

What do you think?

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