Canned Deer Meat Video Part 2 Completed

I finished editing the second, last video in my two part series on cooking canned deer meat. the recipe shared, is a recipe that has been in my family for a long time, I don’t know how long. Its good and it will make you satisfied and happy. Be sure to cook with a little one and friends and pass the recipe on.

Currently, I am working on the maple syrup video, which has proven to be a lot of work. I also will be re-working my cold frame, which has been a on going learning lesson for me.


  1. did i miss it , I did not see the recipe you used for the canned venison, and the season will soon be upon us <3 Could you please direct me in the way of it! Thanks Jason1 I love your blog!

    • Cut the deer meat into 1 inch chunks, remove sinew (blue/silver) cold pack into jars, stuff them down, add one tablespoon of canning salt on top, pressure can 90 minutes 11 pounds adjust canning time for altitude. Set let cool 1.5 year plus shelf time.

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