Bartering Goods, Equipment and Food, Pay Taxes On That Too??

Considering bartering as a method to give what you can, and get what you need? The following link is for your interest in reading what Uncle Sam says you must do. I am not going to even mention your state laws, though I will mention my own, here in the great state of Pennsylvania

I pay my taxes, all of them, and when it comes to bartering, I wonder what nut job came up with that one. As I researched this briefly, tax stuff bores me, I found that a few centuries back, bartering was considered a form of income. I say okay…. But this law needs to be changed and updated, as the shear number of people bartering is not as common as it use to be. I say its a self sufficient skill that shouldn’t be taxable as income.

Why fill out senseless tax forms, only to show that you gave the money, and they received it, and has no other purpose. I mean that is pointless and a waste of paper, fuel, and energy….

Am I having a rant on my government about taxes, yup, and from my point of view its a good rant too.

See, we, you and I have a huge problem on our hands that humans created, so those of us trying to fix it should pay more taxes, thats crap…. next thing they will tax is recycling goods we give to trash companies for free… Oh Virginia already taxes people that recycle… How sweet is that?

What do you think?

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