Discussion 1 Billion Without Food 2011, Now With A Population of 7 Billion Coming, What Can You Do?

As we consider our diets, and the food we eat, lets consider production of the food. If your reading this than you already know that the Earth is at a point where the global population is 7 billion mouths to feed.
Companies are already making smaller packages of food, though the price has remained the same, the amount of product in a package has been reduced. Some companies have reduced the amount of product by as much as 28% in the last couple years.
People are becoming more aware of the crisis, even books are starting to tell the now untold story of the great Famine that is coming.
One of the smartest things you can do is learn how to grow, gather, hunt, and take care of yourself. I often think when I hear folks discuss where food comes from. I was shocked when I watch Food INC on hw some of the store bought food is grown, some how a cow with its side completely open, eating and processing food while looking at its insides, just isn’t right. That is a animal that was being raised for its meat.

The wife and went to a restaurant because we had been out away from home, we don’t go out often, so it was a treat having a meal presented to us already cooked. Now, if I hadn’t seen the movie prior to eating that steak, I would have not questioned the food we were eating. So here is the fact, the steak that I got tasted like manure smells, I am not saying it taste like chit, I am saying it tasted the same as the manure smells, there is a difference. Now, I did mention it, and it was replaced, with the same tasting meat I had the first time. At the meal I ate all my breads and veggies just to get some substance in me.

I wonder how the world can support our population now as it is, and projected is 11 billion by 2045. I wonder if the GM food wil be so bad that we won’t get any thing from it that will help us build our bodies. Rather just sustain it to allow it to live. Think about that for a second, I know there is nothing as good as a fresh right off the vine tomato, the taste it has compared to one bought at a store is night and day.

There are many aspects to think about the human race, and we know from the sexless blind blobs of fish  in the Oceans around China, that birth control also has its own effect on the environment. I would agree that we, humans are taking, taking and taking from the earth without solutions being made.

You and I can make a difference, and I know many people on line, as well in real life that are taking charge and doing something to be more self sufficient. Being self sufficient is the key word here, if you want the best food, learn to grow your own  make a step to learn, teach yourself, re-use everything you can, teach your children, teach your grand children.

There isn’t to many reason not to grow something, even if its a 2 foot square plot, or a couple mater plants on the patio…. You can do something to help feed your own, and the rewards are wonderful. Some of my fond memories are those days of riding on the fender of Grandpa’s tractor, and picking and clean veggies with my Mom and family on the farm.

When the boy and I made some sausage together year before last, I remember his face as we ate it. He mentioned how good it was, and how it was the best sausage he ever ate. It was good sausage made from pork and pheasant meat with seasonings. It might not have been the “best sausage” in the world, but it was good. I am sure that is a memory that kid will hold well into his adult life, and for his sake, I agreed it was the best sausage in the world.

One out of every seven people will be starving, I doubt we will be able to keep this pace up for hundreds of years to come…..

What do you think?

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