Dumpster Diving Waste Not Want Not

So guess what? Okay, I broke the law today. If you wanna get me in trouble, go ahead and call the Man.

So there I was minding my own business, driving the back way out of a shopping center, in the distance what do I see? Thats correct, some one throwing something useful away. It didn’t take me but a split second to decide if this dive was going to happen. See I know the material quality, and what a awesome find to use for tarps!! These things are 10 times better than tarps, and useful for all kinds of things. So I waited, and when they shut the back door, I was faster than the duke boys flying over a bridge-less ravine. It was an all out snatch and grab, so as karma would have I said ten he!! marys while doing it just in case the big man up stairs didn’t like it so much.

But for my troubles, lookie at what I got…. and they are 44 inch wide by 18 feet long, a total of 9 of these banners.

https://themodernpioneer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0293-300x225.jpg https://themodernpioneer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0296-225x300.jpg


  1. Mary P. from Iowa says

    Cool!! I work at a Natural Foods Market where we recycle everything; and we don’t even offer our customers grocery bags. We posted a BYOB on the front door and after 2 years, it’s amazing the amount of plastic/paper we’ve saved and the amount of dollar$ we’ve saved. The only thing I’ve never seen them save or recycle are the banners. I guess I’ll have to take the hit for the store and offer to take care of that for them. ;}

  2. I use them for covering my materials for my tater baskets so the weeds won’t grow. I still use them today, and they are weathering nice and slow…

  3. What did you decide to use your banners for those are awesome?

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