Sunken boat

I was up early this morning, DS went on a overnight camp trip w/ his troop, and the Cubs scouts that are going to advance into Boy Scouts next year came along. One of them took a hot stick and hit DS right in the chin leaving a nasty burn with small boils. The whole burn is only 1/4 wide, but it’s 1 1/2 inches long, DS is was upset cause it hurts. He didn’t get much sleep last night, so I told him to take a nap till I needed his help later.

Two years ago I bagged up some leaves, added some water, closed them up. I opened those up this morning and added them to the garden, it was dry enough to till them in.

Today, after 5 months of saving their money together, I am going to take the kids to buy their wii game console, used of course.

I woke DS up at noonish so he could help me recover the boat, what a mess. The mooring line got tangled in the lttle fish house and was stuck. I built a structure two years ago so the little fishes had a good place to hide from the big meanie fish. Once the little ones get about a month old they won’t fit into it any more and are fair game for good eats.

So anyway, while trying to get that un-done my leg slipped off the bank into the water. OH MY GOSH WAS IT COLD!!!! The tractor wouldn’t make it up the hill because the ground was too soft, so I went got the truck and used my winch on the front to pull the boat out.

What do you think?

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