Smoker Is Built!!

I finished the cold smoker today, and I think its safe to say… LET THE SMOKING BEGIN!!!

So what do people smoke that makes a cold smoker so important?

The first answer would be jerky…. It is what it is, tough cured meat to naw on.

The second answer would be bacon/sausage, pork (check) beef, deer, turkey, and veggies.

The third would be turkey and chicken.

The forth answer can be one of many of the following;

Beef sticks
Summer sausage
Blind Robbins
Hillbilly Treats

It depends, but all are good for smoking….


  1. Ok; if you please..3 questions from nh. 1) what is the difference with a cold smoker? 2) what are blind robins? What are hillybilly treats? Nice build on the smoker.

What do you think?

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