Last year’s potato baskets – video

How to grow above ground potatoes in baskets for 2010 growing season!


  1. Last year we had the blight that moved through PA and parts of Ohio, same blight that wiped out the potato crop in Ireland in 1847, it also killed all my tomato plants as well. We are going to be doing it this year!!

  2. I can’t see anywhere what happened with your potato harvest.

  3. You know I order some sweet taters for the first time this year, I had some last year but Tom sold them to another person by mistake. Before I came back and answered this, I looked into how they grow.
    If you were going to try this method, I would suggest that you only need to fill the basket half way up as the root system grow some what differently.
    If I were to give it a shot now, I’d plant half the slips this way, and the others the more traditional way. Let us know what you decide to do and keep us posted..

  4. Very good video. Motivating ! Would it work with sweet potatoes? I have two with about 10 slips total in the window sill, ready to go.

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