Good Karma Helping Others

I believe that if you do good, that good will be returned to you in some form or another. Sometimes you may not see it, it might come back in small amounts at a time, some might see it as a Blessing from a higher power.

But you can bet that sometimes your just going to hit bumps and ruts in the road. I remember some years ago being so upset, I wanted to go outside, throw my arms out, look to the sky and yell. It is what it is, make the best of it if you can.

Doing good includes giving, we all can give at some level. Wether you lend an ear, do some labor to help a friend out, offer positive advice, offer up a few dollars to help a non-profit organization. I, like you have a limit that I can give, so I decided to be the first sponser of a wildlife re-hab center.

Both Maryjane and Robert are friends of mine that run the center. My first contact with the center, they had closed their doors due to lack of funding. So I went to my friends at my local feedstore and struck a win/win agreement. John said he would offer me anything that day at 5% over cost.

Maryjane and Robert

Robert has since been laid off, the center is not doing so well, thou I have stepped up my donations. I alone can’t keep the center going. Maryjane is doing the best she can.

My sales are slow, but I haven’t had to lay anyone off yet, and as long it keeps going, my companies will be just fine. So when I passed it forward, it has been returned to me, I am greatful.

If you think about it, go pay her website a visit, and ask yourself if your karma is in check.

So I drove back to the wildlife center with a truck and trailor full of goods and equipment. Maryjane met me half way down the drive, she was running, and I was driving so slow because the axle on my trailor was about to bust. She looked at the trailor and tears rolled down her face, I told her to get in the truck so we could get the stuff unloaded. That evening Robert called and thanked me.

They are both Native Americans, and have dedicated themselves to their lifestyle. I have a great respect for them and who they are and what they do for our world. We visit the center a couple times a year, and Maryjane has such a passion to help those critters.

Here is a hawk set free to live his life after Maryjane raised and treated its wounds. I helped this hawk personally, thou the hawk never said thank you, he told me when Maryjane released him back to the wild.

What do you think?

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