Canning Country Style

So lets talk about my jamming/canning adventures for a minute. I once was asked about my 1966 tappon stove and how canning pots won’t fit under it.

So as it is, this is pictures of my canning pots/stove out on the back deck. If you recall I picked this up off the street corner and did some small repairs, less than 20 bucks, it retails for around 100 bucks. If I hadn’t found it, I would have bought one just to can on.

Laugh at me if you want, it works, and I put up food. When the old stove dies or remodle happens first, I will still can outside in the summer to keep the heat and steam outside, keeping the house cooler.

Here is my last batch of jams cooling, as you can see by the marks on the towel, I have already moved and stored other jams today. Once I get my cool storage cleaned and start filling it, I’ll share some pics of my pantry with you folks.

Once cooled/set I’ll paste on new labels and put in my dark cool pantry for storage.

Let me tell you about that new strainer I purchased for my kitchen aid, LOVE IT….. If you do jams and jellys and have a kitchen aid machine, you can thank me later. It took me less than 5 minutes to do each batch, I like my jam semi seedless so I always add a few tablespoons of seeds back in. As you might know, I also have the grinder attachment to grind my own meat. You will need this attachment to use the strainer as well.

Last year, my shoulder was so sore from straining all those tomatoes, not to mention the hours of work involved. Maters aren’t even red yet and my shoulder is thanking me.. LOL… Some how I can see the conflict between using the old strainer and my new kitchen aid one, being SS and all. However, the amount of labor and time saved to move on and do other SS things, well, it just makes sense to me.


  1. no granny or momma to learn any of this stuff by so hope u won’t mind my simple request…would u take pics of kitchen aid attachments & how u used them exactly? we will hv blackberries for canning so appreciate your pointers for later.

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