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Bears at the pond, Bear Encounter 1979

You know, I considered having some bees here, however, there are black bears all over the place here. I should tell you about what happened last summer. It's okay to LOL and even ROTF at me.DW and I were down at the garden harvesting some veggies to make a summer salad, while we there, we [Read More]

Rain water storage for the garden

When I clean out my rain water storage tank this year, I think I might run a pipe down two the garden instead of a hose. It seems that the pressure is low for some reason. Down at the bottom of the tank I have a on/off valve, which is hooked up to a a garden hose, that runs 80 feet to my garden. [Read More]

Good Karma Helping Others

I believe that if you do good, that good will be returned to you in some form or another. Sometimes you may not see it, it might come back in small amounts at a time, some might see it as a Blessing from a higher power.But you can bet that sometimes your just going to hit bumps and ruts in the road. [Read More]

Homemade bread and indoor root cellar

Well, other than my crisis in the kitchen over bread making, yesterday and today have been good. You know, if you fail, it means that at least your doing something to progress yourself to do better.Now I finally figured my mistakes out and can make my own yummy bread!!!Danielle bought me a new book [Read More]

Sunken boat

I was up early this morning, DS went on a overnight camp trip w/ his troop, and the Cubs scouts that are going to advance into Boy Scouts next year came along. One of them took a hot stick and hit DS right in the chin leaving a nasty burn with small boils. The whole burn is only 1/4 wide, but it's 1 [Read More]

Must Have Book!

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