Holding Strong When Tragedy Hits


Although this is the first real public acknowledgement from me, about the murders, I wanted to let you know what this post is all about… As I stood in the room, my eyes rolled around… I could feel the presence of the violence that took [Read More]

A Walk Into A Different World, Come With Me…


In the time we have walked together in this life, we have shared a lot together. During this time, you have gotten to peek into my life – learned my failures, laughed and nodded at my mistakes, cried as I told you sad stories about [Read More]

A Few Rules Of Homesteading, Just In Time…

In my youth, still young to many at 44, I found that I had a drive that was matched by few. Only true people that had the same passion as I did could even keep up with my task. I pride myself on doing more [Read More]